What we do

Novel Capital, Finance, and Securities offer a wide range of financial management services to cater to the different needs of growing businesses.


Novel Capital practices Total Wealth Management, a policy that emphasizes the needs of an investor by creating a personalized investment portfolio. Through our external wealth management platform, client portfolios are constructed from the finest investment options recommended by research of experts around the world.

Fixed Income

Our partners allow clients to diversify their portfolios by engaging in traditional and non-traditional forms of fixed income.  This reduces the risk of client portfolios by offering principal stability along with  steady income streams and returns above traditional institutional deposits.

Private Equity

We invest in our partner clients to provide a strong flexible capital base to supplement growth.  By taking on the risk together with our client partner, our team is fully committed to the success of their company.

Mutual Funds

Through top-tier global financial institutions, clients are allowed to invest in the best local and international mutual funds available.  With the rigorous research done by these institutions, client portfolios are always able to adapt to the growing complexity of financial markets. Our fund partners are the following: MBG Funds, First Metro Asset Management, Philequity Management, and Philam Asset Management.


Novel Capital provides our client partners the financing
needed in order to succeed in their business operations and ventures.

Working Capital Financing

We provide working capital lines to clients for their day-to-day operations.  These loans are structured around their cash conversion cycle to ensure the client is able to maximize loan utility.

Receivable Financing

We discount client receivables so that  clients can tap into working capital tied up elsewhere. This allows them to cycle cash back into their operations sooner and maximize efficiency.

Bridge Financing

We provide bridge financing for major projects and expansions. We can disburse faster than traditional institutions, allowing companies easier access to funds.

Check Discounting

We discount customer post dated checks so that clients have immediate access to cash.


Novel Capital offers our client partners expert advice on managing their
finances to ensure that their businesses operate and attain sustainable financial growth.

Financial Advisory

We help our clients maximize their profits by helping them minimize risks and expenses.  Moreover, our expertise allow us to minimize tax, control foreign exchange risk, and yield consistent interest income.

Business Advisory

We provide consultancy for clients who are trying to grow their business and take it to the next level by developing and implementing the optimal strategy that best suits the company.


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